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                          Prologue – Follow the Rabbit

   “Why is a porpoise like a pocket watch?” Hatter’s voice shook with rage as he repeated the question. He did not like repeating himself. The girl shrank back into the high-backed chair as far as her chains would allow, shrinking from him. The sight almost made him smile. Amusing. He thought
“I don’t know” Jasmine whispered, defeated. Her dishwater blonde hair covered her face as she hung her head.
“Not Alice.” Hare giggled from the shadows. The girl struggled in vain against the metal cuffs which held her wrists to the arms of the chair.
“Trapped… like a mouse.” Hare giggled once more, Hatter turned to glare at him, then stopped. Of course.
“Hmmm.” He considered the girl once more. Maybe he wouldn’t have to kill her after all. There was one more role to be filled, and she was so easily controlled. She was already dressed the part, after all. It was strange that he had not seen it before. Replacing the rounded ears on her head, Hatter stood back. “Perfect.”
   He pulled a needle from his inside pocket, checked there were no air bubbles, and pushed it into her straining arm.
“Hush, little one.” He soothed. “It will be over soon, as long as you play your part well.”
   Serenity slipped over her features, the fear gone in slumber. Her eyes glazed over, then closed, before her head fell to her chest. She looked so innocent in sleep, a perfect little mouse.
   Hatter unlocked the manacles, lifted her gently from the table and arranged her reverently on the table top.
“Sleep tight dormouse.” He muttered, kissing her on the temple before turning to Hare. “Instruct duchess to prepare the girl. Alice will be arriving soon. Rabbit will not fail us again”
                                         * * *
   Rabbit hid. He had a task to do. He had to bring the new Alice to Hatter and Hare, but he was scared. The first Alice hadn’t been Alice at all. She was dormouse. Hatter had been angry. Hatter had been angry and now Rabbit hurt. Hatter had nearly killed Rabbit. He could feel the bruises on his back. They ached with every breath. Rabbit wondered if his ribs had been damaged. Rabbit wished he was at home… or that he remembered where home was.
   If he did better this time, Hatter had promised he would be left in peace. All Rabbit wanted was for them to leave him alone. And to stop the pain. Rabbit was tired.
   The new Alice rounded the corner into the alley.
   Rabbit steeled himself.
   Rabbit pounced.
   Alice screamed.
   Rabbit won.
Betty is my OC. she is Cyguin, a creature made through the genetic manipuation of cyclopes and penguin DNA. She is the first of her kind, and was left for dead in the wilds of the Arctic. She does not remember the first months there, it passed in a blur of hunger and pain. She survived and came out stronger for it. Now she searches for others like her
New OC for Chaotically dream
ChaoticallyDreams, here is my art of your prize from the competition held by NerdyBiscuits105, I changed her clothes and tried to add a little of my own style, I hope you like her xoxo
Child of darkness chibi for xenistar
XeniaStar here is my part of your prize from the competition that NerdyBiscuits105 held; the chibi of you character, child of Darkness, but with a little of my own style thrown in.  I hope you like it xoxo


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